Pictures from Tokyo Day 2

The pictures on this page are rather large, as will be most of my pictures.  These were captured on August 19, 2007, are one full day in Tokyo.  The view is from our hotel room.  The picture in the elevator shows the TV used to indicate the floor.  The crying sign was to explain that the elevator doors can be hungry.  We got a rather late start, but we jumped right in, taking the subway into town to by tickets for the bullet train tomorrow.  From there, we went to get something to eat and went to explore a building with five floors of restaurants.  We ate at one specializing in different types of tofu.  The went to find a Starbucks - yeah, they are here, too.  The picture with the fruit is interesting.  Look at the prices.  Yen are about 115 to the dollar.  One cantaloupe is going for over $200 dollars!  (This is a place specializing in perfect fruit.)  From there, we took a train that circled Tokyo to find Jingu-Bachi, a park where all the Goth teens hang out on Sundays.  I think you will be able to figure out which pictures were taken there.  Afterwards, we went to find Yakitori Alley, were we though we would find restaurants piled one upon the other where we could find chicken on a stick.  We didn't find those, but we did find a good revolving sushi place.  The heat and humidity here is truly remarkable.  Thank goodness we took fans. 

So far my limited Japanese has been helpful.  It was enough to ask for a few things and to buy  tickets to Osaka at the train station.  I was able to say the day and confirm I meant tomorrow.  Now, I'll have a different opinion of my prowess if I end up in the wrong city...

The image at the bottom is a panorama formed of 4 images.  This is the Ginza, the Beverly Hills on Tokyo.  This is were the glitz and lights are concentrated.  It seems like it is the typical picture of Tokyo, but from what we've seen, most of Tokyo is more like most large cities and not lit up like Time Square like this area is.


All pictures (c) 2007 by Robert S. Blum