Pictures from Japan, Kyoto Day 9

Today, we started the day with a optional tour (750 yen, about $7US) to the temple of 1001 Buddhas - Sanjusangen-do.   There is Buddha upon Buddha, with a big one in the center.  There is a definite Hindu influence, since all had about 24 hands.  It was surreal, and unfortunately, no photography was allowed (but see the link below for somebody who posted postcard scans).  Afterwards, we went to a cooking school and made a Japanese lunch, including vegetables, miso soup, and chicken teriyaki (literally, glazed sauté).  Later, we went to a textile center, where saw people using old style weaving techniques, bought kimonos, and saw a kimono fashion show.  We had dinner in a train station mall, again, having about 20 restaurants to choose from.  Walking through the city, I got some images of the area and movie posters.  The last image is the return of the panorama.  Outside there textile center were vending machines.  I think this gives you a taste of that aspect of Japan.

All pictures (c) 2007 by Robert S. Blum