Pictures from Japan, Kyoto Day 8

Today,  after another great Japanese breakfast, we were off to see more shrines.  The one we visited in the morning had beautiful gardens.  Beware, artsy pictures follow.  We had another lunch on the run, once again from 7-Eleven, once again very good.  After visiting something called the Phoenix Shrine (no relation), we then when to a Buddhist temple that is on record as having the largest wood structure in Japan with the largest Buddha.  The pictures of statutes in the pictures below are enormous.  I've done my best to show the size, but you will have to think big.  The main Buddha is so big, during a recent celebration for the renovation of the temple, they put a three piece band in it.  Once again, this is one of those holy places where they think that the deer are messengers from heaven.  The warning sign that the deer are not completely tame is funny.  Note that one of the messengers wanted to go with us to the hotel.

All pictures (c) 2007 by Robert S. Blum