Pictures from Japan, Kurashiki Day 5

Well, here I am again, posting pictures.  I didn't get the title for the last post exactly right, but you didn't miss any pictures.  These were taken on the first full day our tour.  Yes, we make it to Osaka from Tokyo totally on our own, thanks to or despite my limited Japanese.

The first pictures were taken at Himeji Castle.  This is a structure mostly of wood, unlike its European counterparts.  It was extremely hot and muggy.  I look wilted in the pictures, and that is much better than I felt.  Ines did better.  Still, it was spectacular.

After the castle, we visited a famous Japanese potter, saw his kiln and looked at his work.  The very last picture is a panorama of his work area.

The remaining pictures are of the city of Kirashiki.  This city is best described by analogy.  It is a artsy / upper crust city not unlike Carmel California.  The bug in a cicada.  It is the size of your thumb and its song is always in the air. 


All pictures (c) 2007 by Robert S. Blum